The Evolution of the Mercedes E-Class


The Evolution of the Mercedes E-Class

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been produced in various guises since 1993 by the luxury German car manufacturer and has been successfully sold around the world ever since – now in its fifth generation of cars.

What is the E-class exactly?

The E-class is an executive range and all versions have always offered rear-wheel drive or Mercedes’ own four-wheel drive. It has been one of the luxury car makers’ best-selling models historically and more than 13 million had been sold by 2015.

The original E-class range featured a two-door convertible, two-door coupe, four-door sedan and a five-door station wagon giving buyers a wide range of models to choose from, with both sporty and sizeable executive cars available.

However, from 1997 through to 2009 the coupe and convertible were removed and sold under a different Mercedes range. This left only the larger executive models giving the E-class it’s well-deserved reputation for large reliable vehicles.

The E-class range has become renowned for their reliability, strength, and size serving as many different market options including taxis, police and ambulance vehicles with approval and modifications from the company.

The diesel models proved to be the most fuel economic options compared with the four and six-cylinder petrol versions, not to mention the fuel-guzzling V8 options. In 1996 the Mercedes-Benz E-Class was named as Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year.

Jumping ahead a decade and in June 2006 the E-Class was given a facelift and some technical improvements were made leading to the development of the E500 which had a five-liter engine. Still selling well, these facelifts and improvements only succeeded in increasing the popularity of the range.

Three years later and in 2009 a new E-class range was launched at the Geneva Motor Show including the E200 and E230 which had direct injected engines. Other new features appearing in this range were the blind spot monitor, a lane keeping system and a night view safety feature.

This new range again increased the popularity of the E-class, particularly with the launch at the show of the new E-class C207 coupe which added to the variety of vehicle models available in the range for enthusiasts to choose from.

Another significant facelift to the range took place in 2013 with style changes, improved fuel economy and replacement for the front headlights giving it that distinctive Mercedes-Benz appearance.

This was one of the biggest updates and changes in the E-Class range had seen, giving it a new look and approach entirely to appeal to the new generation of Mercedes-Benz drivers.

The fifth generation of E-Class Mercedes Benz cars was then unveiled during the 2016 North American International Auto Show displaying even more updates and improvements to the already amazing lineup of vehicles.

The newest, most exciting generation of Mercedes Benz E-Class is curvy and flowing taking design cues from some of the previous generations while still standing out in its own unique style. It features all of the outstanding luxury and premium quality you would expect from the German manufacturer.

There are also some new engine choices with four-cylinder diesel, petrol and a new inline-6 engine available in the range as well. These improvements have helped with increasing the energy efficiency available within the range.

The latest E-Class is among the most technologically advanced cars made by the German car manufacturer, featuring innovative safety and driving solutions to help support the driver and reduce the likelihood of a collision.

It features the latest driving technology which actually enables the car to drive itself at high speed for around two minutes using motion sensors and other systems. It also features cameras which can read the road ahead and can detect if the driver removes their hands from the wheel.

With incredible safety features, impressive sleek appearance and all the luxury and quality you would expect from Mercedes-Benz, the E-class never fails to impress, no matter which of the generations you choose to drive.

The latest E-class has already won a number of awards in executive car categories as well as the car of the year in 2016/2017.

From 1993 right through until today, the Mercedes Benz E-class has gone through many changes and many manifestations, however; it has consistently delivered luxury, quality, and impressive performance.

Whether you want a four-door family car or a two-door coupe sporty model, there is something for every driver within the Mercedes E-class family. Whether you have the money to buy the latest rendition of this amazing car or prefer to opt for a second-hand version, you can be assured of a great drive in great comfort.

The Mercedes E-class range has been growing from strength to strength since its origins in 1993, thrilling luxury car enthusiasts and the newest addition offers even more delights for the next generation of drivers.


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