How to Pick The Perfect Car Wash

How to Pick The Perfect Car Wash

How to Pick The Perfect Car Wash

You put a lot of effort into finding your ride and, we know, you love it and want to take care of it. With single-use car washes rising in price, most serious car enthusiast, or even just smart people in general, know that a regular wash club membership is a great way to save money and time. Which means it might be time to narrow down your focus and choose one car wash facility that can be your car’s go-to oasis for all things clean and bubbly.

And while factors like location and hours come into play, choosing your car wash needs to be more than a convenience-based decision. With newer and more high-tech car washes popping up all over the country, it’s no longer a matter of going down to the corner gas station and slipping a few quarters in the self-service wash—in fact, the amenities and features in the modern car wash, literally, was the old standards away.

Types of Car Washes

Self-Service Wash

Just because a way is antiquated, doesn’t mean it’s not still effective. For a lot of people, a self-service option is still the best decision. A lot of people love the ritual of hand washing a car. And while many people can still do this action as home, having the tools and supplies a self-service wash provides allows you to perform the high-quality work of a professional.

The best part is you can shop around and find the facility that is right for you. Many include amenities like foam soap, wax, clear coat protectants, rain treatments, tire polish and even towels to dry. And while you can still find a few coin-ops, basic self-service washes out there, most have been updated to include everything a pro has at their disposal—and most have been upgraded from quarters to credit card machines too.

Who Should Use a Self-Service Wash?

Self-service washes are great for those who simply like to wash their own car. If you are on a budget too, these can offer more flexibility, so you’re not tied into a monthly commitment. Truck owners also often used self-service washes, since automatic car washes are not always effective enough for the dirt that work trucks and play trucks are known to accumulate.

Hand Car Wash

Washing your car yourself is great, but let’s be honest, it might not be at the top of your favorite things to do list. That is why many opt for hand washing. Hand washing allows you to get the best in detail work that an automatic machine simply cannot provide.

A hand car wash service traditionally has qualified employees who wash your vehicle by hand with soap and water. After a rinse, the car is hand dried with towels. These facilities often have to detail and vacuuming services so your ride is as clean inside as it is on the out.

Hand washes car services often provide monthly car wash memberships so you can get a better value if you wash your car on a regular basis. However, single washes are always available.

Who Should Use a Hand Car Wash?

Hand car washes are great for those with collectible vehicles, specifically those you don’t want to go through an automatic wash. Convertible vehicles are also a great fit for hand washes too. Cars with ornate wheels, hood ornaments or other cosmetic features all seem to enjoy the attention of a hand car wash as well.

Automatic Car Washes

There are so many varieties of automatic car washes these days that it can be hard to keep them straight. However, most have the same general process. Typically, auto car washes utilize a conveyor system, that takes your car through a tunnel and through the multiple stages of the wash.  Many car washes use brushes to release the dirt, but many others use touch-free models that wash with only water, soap and air. Touch-free car washes are often considered safer since there is less risk of abrasion when brushes aren’t being used, but in general, both styles are safe for your everyday driver. These car wash tunnels often have a variety of options and price ranges that may include undercarriage wash, wheel & tire detailing wax application, and auto dry.

After the tunnel is complete, many provide drying services, either in the form of hand drying or by providing a station where you can dry, vacuum, clean your mats, or whatever other interior work you need to do.

Automatic washes tend to offer a variety of price points both for single use washes and membership clubs.

Who Should Use Automatic Washes?

Auto washes are a great option for most of us just looking to maintain our daily drivers. They are usually the faster option, so for busy people on the go, they are a must.

Once you’ve found your car’s perfect car wash simply decide your pricing plan. Most people find that if they wash their care regularly a membership provides value almost immediately. Either way, you decide to go, you are sure to find your car’s happy place and chances are it will become your happy place too.

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