Ford Classic Cars: Automotive Energy In Motion!

The brand name that strikes my mind while writing about fast and classic cars is invariably Ford. Creating a niche for itself, ford has truly lived up to its high reputation of presenting to us the best modes of travel in the most fashionable of ways. What is the classic about Ford cars is that these not only provide maximum comfort and the fastest in speeds but these also are pretty affordable in consideration of the advanced technology that they offer?

Ford Classic Cars

Let us now take a look at the top five Ford classic cars.

The Ford GT

Inspired by the Ford GT40 model this car gives you the ultimate racing experience. It is amazing that this car is not only for race tracks but also is highway friendly and glides with panache on both roads. With 18-inch front wheels and 19 inch rear wheels, these make the best of technology without having to compromise on the style quotient. The doors cutting open from the roof of the cars is an additional feature giving the car an exotic look.


Ford Mustang

Originally it came with a V-6 120 hp engine. The beauty of the car lies in the fact that it is usually made considering specifications from the owner. Mustang is undoubtedly the best-looking beast for anyone wanting to drive muscle cars. I agree it is not one of the smoothest on roads but it behaves well making it easy for the driver to keep control. Not only is this car fashionable but it is one of those rare combinations of looks and brawn. So get out of your house in this powerful machine and dare your foe to not catch attention. You are sure to win the wager.

1969 Ford Mustang

Ford Shelby GT500

This is nothing but a high-performance variant of the Mustang but if you wish to take it lightly because you already know about its parent then you couldn’t be more mistaken. Ford launched this version in the 2007 and created waves by immediately being ranked as one of the Ford classic cars.  The GT500 uses a 5.4 L (330 CID) modular 500 hp (370 kW) supercharged V8.  Some important features worth mentioning the Tremec Tr – 6060 6-speed manual transmissions, suspension tuning, a body kit, and 18-inch wheels.


Ford Fiesta Sedan

If you are a simple person going for simple sensuous designs at affordable prices then Ford Fiesta sedan is the perfect option for you. The metallic sheen gliding smoothly on all kinds of roads may not give the driver the pace of other high power Ford classic cars but this is your answer to an exotic getaway in an exotic vehicle. It has a bold kinetic design speaking of dignity and aura for itself. Carefully designed surfaces, divergent colors and comfortable, accommodating materials make the interior as strikingly different from others as the driver. Its modern features enable fuel efficiency delivering exceptional power, fuel economy and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Ford Fiesta Sedan

Ford Figo

The first time I saw the Ford Figo, it was like a baby wonder created by ford. You step into the car and you get the feel of sitting in a sedan. The interiors are comfortable and sexy as expected from ford.

The engine is perky and doesn’t lack power and also present adequate torque on the wheels when you are driving at slow speeds. A compact gearbox with good gear ratios is an advantage. It is a good riding experience. Even at 100 km/hr it is pretty much smooth on the roads and gives you no reason to complain.


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