The Best Tips for Maintaining Your Car

car maintenance tips

If you own your own car, make sure you know how often it needs a tune-up. Getting an oil change is not the same thing as getting a full-service tune-up. Check your owner’s manual for the time or mileage recommendations for a checkup.

Regular Checkups

Cars can last a little longer between checkups than humans can. The average time frame between tune-ups is about 30,000 miles or two years. A tune-up recommendation will depend on which one of these factors arrive first. Some car owners like to get their car tuned every year to make sure it’s as healthy as possible. If the car is driven every day in heavy traffic conditions or extreme weather, it might be better to get a tune-up every year to ensure it always performs at a high level.

What Needs To be Replaced?

The most common things to upgrade or clean during a tune-up are the air filters and spark plugs. If the automobile has a turbo installed in it, this should also be tuned up. Turbos need to be calibrated often to ensure they are running well.

The air filters on the car should be checked first because they can prevent other engine parts from performing at their top levels. When an engine doesn’t get enough air, you can feel the car become sluggish. The engine needs proper amounts of air moved through it at all times.

Spark plugs are often upgraded as well, but not as often as air filters. Some plugs can last longer than others. If the spark plugs are old, the engine might misfire. Once these small parts are replaced and cleaned up you should instantly notice a change in your engine’s performance.

Who Can Tune-up an Automobile

Car mechanics are the first people you should see if your car needs a tune-up. They will have the proper information to perform these updates. Auto care in Raleigh is taken seriously. Ensure that the mechanic is certified before giving them the keys to your car. Many businesses will have their certifications hung up on the wall, but you can ask the manager as well.

Don’t wait too long before your next tune-up. Properly tuning your car every now and then will ensure that it has a long, healthy life. It is much easier to replace small parts now than to replace larger and more expensive parts later.

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