Best looking Concept Cars that Never Made it to Production


We see new concept cars almost every day of our lives. Plenty of manufacturers bring out concept cars for reasons I am really unaware of. There are so many beautiful concept cars in the world that are never going to make it into production and I think it is really just a waste of time and effort. There were a few concepts that stood out more than others for me, as ones that really should have made it into showrooms for people to buy.

TVR Cerbera Speed 12

This car is one of the sexiest and fastest cars to never hit the market. While I actually think more than one model was made of this car, that wasn’t enough to cater for all the people interested in buying one of their own. The car was said to have a 1000hp, 7.7-litre engine, and some of the most amazing curves that, some say, were inspired by the Dodge Viper. The car still made it into various console games, including Gran Turismo.


Maserati Birdcage

Maserati is already well known for its range of supercars and this would have been a great addition to it. This is probably one of the sleekest and slowest cars I have ever seen. In fact, it was the slowness of this car this car that was the reason why it will never make it into production. Drivers of SUV’s and similarly sized vehicles won’t be able to see you over their dashboards, which prevents this car from making it onto the roadworthy list.


Saab Aero X

Saab is a car make that is hardly recognized as a leader in the automotive world, but if it had to actually make more of these cars, it would’ve had one of the most beautiful cars ever made in its stable. The Saab Aero X concept car came out with a metallic black and white paint job and had a front end that would make supermodels look ugly.




The BMW M1 is another car that looks like it’s from the future but still maintains a sexy BMW look. There were previous versions of the M1, but those ones were not as successful as BMW thought they would be. BMW came up with this idea as a way to revive the M1 series, but this didn’t happen, and the 21st century M1 was never put into production.


Citroen is not really a brand that makes lots of fast cars, but it would’ve stolen the show with this car. The Citroen GT had the looks and probably would’ve had the feel of a supercar as well. The car had a big and bulky look that would make other supercars feel scared.

Every car fan dreams of seeing these concept cars make it to the production line, but all we can do with many of them is just dream. Hopefully, in the future, manufacturers will turn their ideas into reality and maybe earn lots more money for themselves as well.

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