7 Best Car Air Fresheners on the Market Right Now

Car Air Freshener

7 Best Car Air Fresheners on the Market Right Now

Opening the car door to a friendly, inviting smell is simple when the right car air fresheners are hanging from your rearview mirror. The invigorating smells of the car air freshener are far more plentiful than the strawberry, orange or coconut smells from long ago. Today there are exciting smells to please every nose. Driving or riding in a pleasant-smelling car makes every trip far more exciting. But, how can you choose the best car air freshener when so many choices are available? Take it from the people who know best and try your luck with any of the great air fresheners below. These seven products are customer-recommended and will certainly exceed your smell-expectations!

1- Moso Natural Air Freshening Bag

If you’re okay without the cute air freshener hanging from the windshield, the Moso Natural Air Freshening Bag is worth using. This air freshener is made with all-natural ingredients, so there’s no worry about harsh chemicals. In fact, charcoal bamboo is the only ingredient in this air freshener. Not only does it clean the air, it also removes moisture that can cause mold, mildew, and other problems. No matter what type of odors haunt your car, this freshening bag eliminates them completely. You’ll smell only fresh, the crisp air inside of your automobile. What’s really awesome about this air freshener is that it lasts for a whole two years. Simply place it in the sun when it is time to reactivate the bamboo charcoal!

2- Little Trees

Little Trees is one of the longest-standing air freshener products on the market. Sold in packs of one, three, six, or 12, Little Trees come in a variety of scents to please every nose. Pine, orange, strawberry, vanilla, and many other scents help you keep your vehicle smelling great. Lots of variety and the affordable price add to the satisfaction customers enjoy. Plus, Little Trees are sold in tons of different colors, patterns, and designs, so it is always easy to give your car a little extra decor with a simple air freshener addition.

3- Air Spencer Squash Scent Air Freshener

The Air Spencer Squash Scent Air Freshener has a sticky pad on the underside that allows easy placement almost anywhere in the vehicle. It is easy to hide the air freshener from eyesight, but its attractive blue square appearance is one that most people enjoy. Yes, this product is sleek and stylish! The air freshener lasts up to eight weeks and is refillable. Scent choices are varied, with selections including hard candy, birthday cake, and others. Adjusting the scent on this air freshener is easy, so you always control the amount of smell you receive.

4- Febreeze Air Clips

Febreze first impressed us with their room spray air fresheners. The brand has now moved on to include an exciting line of scented products, including the Air Clips for the car. These clips attach to the air vents on your car where the air pushes outbursts of fragrance that keep your vehicle smelling amazing. The Air Clips air freshener is one of the most affordable products on our best-of list and there are many different scents to pick from so your nose never becomes accustomed to just one scent.

5- PURGGO Car Air Freshener

Deemed the worlds longest-lasting car air freshener, the PURGGO car air freshener provides drivers and passengers with up to 365-days of immaculate freshness. The scent is never overpowering and always smells crisp and fresh. The air freshener attaches to the back of the headrest. Made using only all-natural bamboo charcoal, the air freshener is non-toxic and quickly absorbs moisture and a variety of odors so you are only left with clean, crisp, fresh air to enjoy for the duration of your ride.

6- Yankee Candle Jar Candle Car Air Freshener

Designed in its matching jar candle shape, the Yankee Candle Jar Candle Car Air Freshener is one of the best that our money can buy if great smells make you smile. The small air fresheners hang from the rearview mirror and provide the perfect amount of scent for up to 30-days! Sun-drenched Apricot Rose, Autumn Harvest, Clean Cotton, Beach Walk, and Rainfall are a handful of the air freshener fragrances you can pick from.

7- Arotags Real Wood Car Air Freshener

The Arotags Real Wood Car Air Freshener is another driver favorite. Made of natural wood materials and designed in the shape of the American flag, this quality air freshener allows you to showcase your patriotic spirit in an all-natural freshening product that looks great hanging in any car. The air freshener doesn’t contain any type of harmful chemicals and provides up to 5-weeks of a great scent.

Final Thoughts

Choose one of the top 7 car air fresheners recommended above and enjoy a great smell throughout your automobile. No bad smell can overshadow the great fragrances that emit through the vehicle when one of these air fresheners is being used.

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