A Guide To Servicing Your BMW

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BMW’s are famous for smooth driving, easy maintenance and sports car like performance with the comforts of a sedan. The cars are long lasting, performance-driven, and when taken care of properly; can last for generations.

Why You Should Service Your BMW

The first four years of your BMW’s life are covered under Warranty from the auto manufacturer. This means that any repairs you might need during that time are covered by the company. However; repair does not prevent long-term damage to your car or the stress of finding alternate transportation while your BMW is being fixed.

Servicing your BMW is important. After all, with changing weather conditions, constant traffic, potholes and switching between city and freeway driving. Your car very regularly takes a lot of damage. Regular service to your BMW can detect small problems before they become large problems. This can save your car (and your pocketbook) a great deal of unnecessary expense and stress.

A good car service schedule includes regular check-ups at least two to three times per year. Your service schedule should also include a check-up and maintenance on air conditioning, tyres, lights, wires, transmission fluid and brake fluid.

Where to Service Your BMW

The best place to fix your car is at a company that specializes in BMW car service. This can include a mechanic, car servicing company or even your BMW auto dealer.  Each of these service options has advantages and disadvantages.

A mechanic will most likely be more readily available to fix your car more quickly should something go wrong. You will be able to set up a regular car service schedule and most likely, the mechanic will be in your area.

A car service company will be the most reliable, can provide you with alternate means of transportation and in many cases can even come and pick up your car for service.

Your BMW car dealer will have licensed mechanics that have been trained specifically to service BMW’s. This means they are likely very qualified for the job, however; after your warranty runs out, they can be very expensive.

When to Service Your BMW

While regular servicing can do a great deal for prolonging the life of your car, there are a few other times that you should probably take your car in for a check-up.

Seasonal changes usually mean that your car is under stress. Rubber is at its weakest during the cold and any liquids in your car should be checked for a refill, top-off or change if it is getting cold.  You might even want to change your tires to prevent slipping on snow and ice.

You should also take your car in for a check-up if you notice anything unusual. For example, the air conditioning isn’t working properly, the car sounds different or something is rattling under your hood. All of these can relate to a serious problem which will only get worse as time passes. Waiting until your next check-up might end up being costly.

Spencer is a new BMW owner and has a car service schedule to ensure his BMW car service is never missed.

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