7 New Tricks to Upgrade Automotive Technology

upgrading autos

The automobile has become a necessity in today’s world given the fact that students, employees, and entrepreneurs need to travel from one place to another all the time. A lot of people consider vehicles just a means of transportation while many consider it to be an important part of their life. Maybe because they work hard to buy it or for some other reason. This means that they get maintenance work done frequently but is that sufficient?

While maintenance of automobile gives the vehicle a longer life and smoothness for a long period of time. You can always upgrade the automotive technology for better performance and a great experience. However, not many people are aware of the upgrades that are the most efficient so it is imperative for them to know a few tricks to upgrade the automotive technology. Acceleration and handling are two important aspects of the automotive industry so the aim should be to maximize the performance in these areas.

Following are seven new tricks to upgrade automotive technology that you must know:

Upgrading Tyres for Your Auto

While it may seem like a regular advice, a lot of people work on the engine and ignore the tyres. The fact that tyres play the most important Essay Writing Service role in the handling of the vehicle makes it imperative for you to upgrade to new and better tires if you want a good handling experience. New tires from renowned manufacturers may not be cheap but it can demonstrate a great improvement in car’s performance as compared to other upgrades.



Reprogramming of ECU:

Every car comes with a built-in company-fitted Engine Control Unit. While it is true that company configurations are the best, but that might not be the case here. Manufacturers usually program the ECU below the vehicle’s actual capabilities and some reprogramming can boost engine performance and result in a better gas mileage. However, get this done from a renowned expert or workshop because a slight mistake could turn out to be costly.

Upgrading with New spark plugs:

Spark plugs may seem to be a minor part of the automotive technology. But it plays a major role in a car’s performance. A high quality of the spark means that combustion is significantly better than with other used spark plugs and better combustion means greater fuel economy combined with more power to the engine. This is by far one of the most affordable upgrades in automotive technology.

Install a short shifter:

When you talk about automotive technology upgradation, the short shifter is definitely something you should install in your vehicle. It minimizes the time in which you have to change the gear which eventually makes the drive smoother and allows the car to feel and perform better.

Sway bar for improved handling:

A sway bar connects the right wheel to left wheel due to which the body roll during turns is reduced. For this reason, the handling is poor in vehicles and installing a sway bar can lead to significant improvement in performance. The sway bar is linked by a torsion spring and whether you feel if your car leans while turning or not, get a sway bar installed and feel the difference.

High-flow exhaust:

A high-flow exhaust can result in better engine efficiency, horsepower, and the sound of the car. It helps relieve some pressure from the engine by reducing restrictions in the exhaust pipe and enhancing scavenging of the engine. A good quality exhaust is one of the most important automotive technology upgrades that are required.

Using Polyurethane bushings:

Manufacturers use rubber bushings in vehicles to minimize vibration. However, rubber bushings tend to wear out sooner than polyurethane bushings and the latter is also better in terms of reducing weight transfer and eliminating vibrations.


These are the seven most crucial tricks for automotive technology upgrades that you should keep in mind. All upgrades may not be necessary together as it can be costly too but whenever you get it done, make sure the workshop is reliable and a trusted one. Otherwise, in upgrades like replacement of bushings, the car may stop performing after some time because the work is not done correctly.


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