VW BULLI: Brings Back MicroBus

VW BULLI: Brings Back MicroBus

VW BULLI: Brings Back MicroBus

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Nearly a decade after the failed 2001 VW microbus concept, VW is re-launching the concept at this year’s Geneva Motor show. Now called the Volkswagen Bulli, it follows in the footsteps of the brands famous Microbus packing a 133 horsepower electric motor that draws power from a standard lithium-ion battery pack. At full charge the Bulli is capable of travel for 186 miles before requiring a recharge. VW says that the Bulli’s is capable of being fully charged in less than an hour, a fact all drivers are sure to love.

The Bulli’s shape and size stays true to the original Microbus concept, meaning a flat floor that offers plenty of interior space. Even old-school Samba lovers will be able to notice the family resemblance of this bus. Inside, VW has supplied the driver of the Bulli with an easy to reach, removable, iPad set to control the stereo, navigation, Bluetooth and from its mount on the dash.

Like the original T1 in The Day, the Bulli contains a single bench unit that combined with its level floor offers plenty of room. The Bulli also offers room for three people in the rear.


The removable iPad that is mounted on center console doubles as a touchscreen to control the Bulli with. Along with the apps offered on the iPad and the famous iTunes music center, the mounted iPad maintains control of the hands-free Bluetooth phone and the Bulli’s navigational system. Built right onto the mount of the iPad are nearly all controls of the vehicle and in a neat touch that is sure to be loved by music fans, the iPad will communicate with the Bulli’s included Fender USA-designed stereo system.

In typical Volkswagen fashion all driver seat details are neatly spaced. Placed laterally along the entire length of the dash is a dock of air vents for comfort. The driver has a front view of the speedometer, shaped like a semicircle. Around this are multifunction displays, shaped semi-circular as well, that are used to view and control the navigation, phone, and music center via buttons located flush within  the steering wheel.

This entire set up speedometer, display, and easy control is also linked to the iPad. Speaking of the music, the Bulli comes with a sound- system produced by legend of guitar and amp manufacturing- Fender (USA) which ensures that the quality of the music sounds as if you were front row at a live concert.

The new Bulli throws out the classic tachometer as it is unnecessary with the electric motor. It tosses the old gear shift or selection lever, as with the electric motor there is no need for them. The ability to shift gears is controlled by a rotary switch that is on the driver’s right used for control the directional gears. The engine is started with a push button for on or off selection. On the left is a rotary switch for the driver to control lighting capacities and functions of the vehicle.

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