Toyota Scion FR-S Unveiled

Toyota Scion FR-S Unveiled

Toyota Scion FR-S Unveiled

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Akio Toyoda, Toyota President, recently unveiled the Toyota Scion FR-S. This is the automaker’s new sporty car that is equipped with 200horsepower and rear-wheel-drive. The automaker President unveiled the new car prior to the track followed by thousands of fans at a Formula One race. It was also in is bid to spice a car brand, which is better known for bland yet utilitarian features as Camry and Corolla.


The new Scion FR-S is to be called the Toyota 86 in Japan, and it is sold s the Scion FR-S in the United States. Sources mentioned that this car has been in the works for fiver years, and it has received close scrutiny from the president of Toyota. Toyoda himself is banking on the car as an affordable halo model to burnish performance credentials the automaker has. This car accelerates at 0 to 62mph within six seconds.


The Toyota Scion FR-S is capable of hitting the stop speed of 142mph, yet the raw speed is not the goal of the car. The automaker’s Chief engineer Tetsuya Tada stated that the car model’s true mission is to achieve a lower price that can lure recent college graduates. Another goal of 200-HP Toyota Scion FR-S is to strive for fun-to-drive handling with such lower center of gravity. Delivering a ride that can be easy to customize and tuned by car buff is another mission of the new model.

Video: Scion FR-S Long Beach Grand Prix Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race Car


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