The Audi TT RS Sports Car

The Audi TT RS Sports Car

The Audi TT RS Sports Car

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The Audi TT RS was created to target the Porsche Cayman S and Nissan 370Z. Performance wise this little turbocharged rocket is at the top of the heap with its 360 horsepower. And it’s also priced right in the middle. The Audi TT RS is powered by a 2.5 liter 5-cylinder (the competition has 6) turbocharged power plant. Power is put down to the wheels through the world famous Quattro all wheel drive system. Top speed of the Audi TT RS is 174 MPH!


Audi is known for producing high end luxury cars packed full of technology and features. But with the Audi TT RS it’s all about performance. Thus you get a vehicle that is pretty stripped down. Good because you buy this car for the thrill of driving. But it’s not like the car is a bare bones machine. The Audi TT Rs comes with Blue Tooth, traction control, anti-theft, and more. Audi calls the TT RS an “uncompromising sports car.” 0-60 MPH is dispatched in a brief 4.1 seconds. The dual-clutch S-Tronic transmissions shifts gears at lightning speed. And on the street the engine and transmission can be as docile as you wish.


The suspension of the TT was revised with a 10mm lowered stance and magnetic ride controlled shocks. This gives the Audi TT RS a firmer feel which really lets the car handle through the turns. When driven around town though the suspension is not overly harsh and can be quite comfortable. The 19-inch wheels come with 255/30 R19 series tires. Not only do the rims look great, but the wider size allow for a larger contact patch. Up front there is a set of huge 370mm ventilated brake rotors with a four-piston caliper system. Out back the brakes are sized at 310mm. So when you combine the wheel, tires, all wheel drive and suspension; the Audi TT RS is one capable sports car.

Video Audi TT RS Test Drive & Sports Car Video Review


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  1. Mike Norman  - May 4, 2016 - 8:51 am

    Wow! Love this Audi sport car. I’m interested in car racing a lot and I like to do car tattoos.

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