Review of 1967 Ford Mustang GT 390

Review of 1967 Ford Mustang GT 390

Review of 1967 Ford Mustang GT 390

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Whether you are aware of the fact or not, but it was the introduction of Ford Mustang in the spring season on March 9th of the year 1964 which initiated the popular trend of long cars. The vehicle was primarily based on the concept on Ford Falcon. The white color Ford Mustang convertible when introduced featured pristine white interiors marked with blood red interiors.  The car was introduced to the public on 17th April 1964. Till date, the launch of the vehicle is regarded as one of the most successful launches in the entire history of automotive industry. The perfect combination of the vehicle between overall performance, low price and sporty design allowed the company to sell nearly one million units within 18 months of its launch.

Due to the overwhelming response received, the company was induced to introduce a new body in the year 1967. The new variant featured improved power train and flexibility in equipment, which enabled the company to counter the competition posed by Firebird by Pontiac and Dodge Charger.

Mustang GT 390

Featuring a great length, sense of richness and impressive looks, Ford Mustang 1967 still remains as one of the most popular and best vintage cars. Let us now take a look at the specifications of the vehicle which assisted it in achieving the fame.

Mustang GT 390 Body

Ford Mustang 1967 was quite similar to the originally introduced vehicle but the styling was refreshed, and it just got a little bigger enabling the vehicle to boast a massive overall look. The rear and the front end styling was made more pronounced while the core instrument panel offered large size gauges and thicker crash pad. Convertible, fastback, and hardtop body styles continued in the same fashion as the original vehicle. However, the front grille featured a large opening whereas the feature lines found on the side were led to much larger air scoops.

The taillight of the vehicle consisted of three vertical bulbs installed on each side of the concave panel whereas the gas cap was provisioned in the absolute center of the concave panel. A list of various standard safety features was also introduced in the vehicle. These included softer interior knobs, four way emergency flash lights, energy absorbing wheel and steering column. Side marker lights were also added to the vehicle.

Mustang GT 390 Interiors

Ford Mustang 1967 featured redesigned interiors. A new dashboard was installed, which had an integral air conditioning system and Rally pac. Two new options were also introduced in the vehicle – tilt away steering wheel and rear seats, which would fold down.

A list of optional features was made available. These included   glass rear windows which would fold down, cruise control, signal indicators for turning, pop open gas caps, wheel well moldings.

Mustang GT 390 Engine and Specifications

Though the first generation of Ford Mustang was based on the concept of Ford Falcon, but it was intelligently limited to the layout only. Ford Mustang 1967 unquestionably delivered top class performance as the car was fitted with special thunder bird engines, which were known for its amazing low – end achievement of torque.

The vehicle came with a great combination of big block 390ci engine and four speed transmission. The 390ci engine created a force of 320 horse power and employed a single 600 cfm four barrel Holley carburetor including manifolds and cast iron intake. You will be pleased to know that the car could blast from 0 mph to 60 mph in just about 11 seconds.

Mustang GT 390 Price

The original list price of the vehicle was kept at $4,281 with the optional features being available at extra cost.


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