Renault Plans to Build New 850HP Dacia Duster

Renault Plans to Build New 850HP Dacia Duster

Renault Plans to Build New 850HP Dacia Duster

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Renault seems to strengthen its existence as one of the leading sport car manufacturers in the world, with new inventions, challenges, and car technology developments. Several days ago, Renault through its French spokesperson, stated that they will have Jean-Philippe Dayraut behind the new 850HP Dacia Duster’s steering wheel. The 850HP Dacia Duster is new sport car with, based on the name, uses 850 Horsepower engine. Some call that horsepower of 850HP Dacia Duster quite unbelievable.

Jean-Philippe Dayraut is planned to start driving his new wheel, the 850HP Dacia Duster, on Pikes Peak International Hill Climb that is going to hold in Colorado-United States. Previously, there have been several types of Dacia Dust, and the new 850HP Dacia Duster is a version with 850 Horse Power Packed inside. Most people regard that the exterior design of 850HP Dacia Duster is slightly similar to Romanian’s SUV.

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Before being declared as the new driver of 850HP Dacia Duster, French driver Jean-Philippe Dayraut has previously competed with the Romanian model SUV. This driver’s new wheel, new 850HP Dacia Duster, is indeed made based on previous model; yet, there are some extreme advanced features added in this car. One of the extreme modifications is its 850 HP engine capability. Renault officials additionally stated that there will be more features to find in 850HP Dacia Duster, on the racing competition.


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