Porsche Pajun: Another Breakthrough from Porsche

Porsche Pajun: Another Breakthrough from Porsche

Porsche Pajun: Another Breakthrough from Porsche

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Porsche is not only considered as the leading car manufacturer all over the globe, but probably also one of the car manufacturers that always arise public’s curiosity toward its new product. Just few days ago, Germany press conference revealed that Porsche was working on its new project: the Porsche Pajun. Although it had not been officially announced, press believed that Pajun is not as big as Panamera or also known as the Pajunen.

However, as previously mentioned, the company has not been giving an adequate or official information about the specifications (and even existence) of Porsche Pajun. However, public through cars’ review and critic media made it to make some speculations about what Porsche Pajun would be like. The speculation made by public is ranging from the car’s engine, exterior interior design, up to the price tag of the car.

It is reported (or predicted) that Porsche Pajun is adapting the Panamera’s engine platform, which means that the car is possibly using six or eight cylinder gasoline engine. If the new Porsche flagship really is equipped with six and eight cylinder engine, the car then posses 400 hp up to 560 horsepower. However, since Porsche Pajun is meant to be a hybrid car, the manufacturer will probably offer a Pajun series with 300 hp diesel engine. In addition, a reliable source revealed that this Porsche new model will be priced tagged at around 60,000 euro.



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