Ingenious Korean Apps for Drivers

Ingenious Korean Apps for Drivers

Ingenious Korean Apps for Drivers

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It seems we use smart phones for just about everything nowadays — from finding directions to checking headlines, playing games, and even ordering takeaways.

Unsurprisingly, smart phone apps are also being developed for use in our cars — here are some of the more ingenious ones that Korean developers have designed for drivers.

All in HUD Plus – Car Speedometer App

Forget about your car’s speedometer — you can now check your speed with a smart phone app.

Available from the Mac App Store, Korean journalist Gyeongtae Lee’s ‘All in HUD Plus’ speedometer app displays your speed reflected in the car windshield in the type of HUD (Head-Up Display)  usually found only in fighter aircraft and super-luxury vehicles.

When the vehicle reaches a pre-set speed, the app alerts the driver by displaying the speed in red digits. While it also features several other functions for motorists such as a compass and an alarm, it is the HUD feature that makes this app extraordinary.

CarDoc – Auto Body Shop Quote Comparison App

How do you find the best quote when you’ve had a collision and need some bodywork done on your car? Well, as you might have guessed, there’s now a mobile app to help.


Developed by group of car enthusiasts at Daum Next Incubation Studio, one of Korean internet giants Daum Communications, CarDoc lets you compare quotes for auto body repairs and paintwork.

To use the service, simply upload images of the vehicle damage via the app and get real-time quotes from auto body shops registered with CarDoc. All registered service providers are verified by CarDoc to ensure professional quality.

Users can also talk to quote providers free of charge via live chat. Since no registration process or phone calls are necessary, anyone can use the service without disclosing any personal information.

CarDoc has also helped its registered auto body shops, which reported a 10–50% increase in customers during beta testing of the service.

Drive Link – In-Car App that Reads Weather, Appointments, Text Messages, and More

One of the problems of using a smart phone while driving is the small screen size, which can make tasks such as checking text messages or taking calls challenging and potentially dangerous.

Allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel, Samsung Electronics’ ‘DriveLink’ smart phone app uses text-to-speech to read incoming text messages, email, weather forecasts, diary appointments, road directions, and other information through the car’s speakers, for both greater convenience and increased safety.

drive-linkSmart phone applications today are enriching almost every aspect of our daily lives as you can see these imaginative Korean apps created for drivers . Why not give them a try and see how they can enhance your driving experience!


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