Hyundai Equus Ultimate Review

Hyundai Equus Ultimate Review

Hyundai Equus Ultimate Review

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For most people who are more interested in car, and thus knowing almost anything about cars, automotives, and stuffs, even the Hyundai Equus Ultimate that have just released this year will much look like a Lexus. This new Hyundai model will make automotive freaks as if they have just drunk Kool-Aid or things like that. Indeed, with the release of Hyundai Equus Ultimate, the manufacturer seems to show public that the car is as luxurious and good as Lexus, yet with much cheaper price tag.

Lexus LS does offer luxurious and high performance at once, and Hyundai seems to attempt overcoming the competitor’s car. Equus Ultimate does come with luxuriously dashing exterior (and interior), although there are few things Hyundai missed to put in the car. However, it is obvious that Hyundai with its new Hyundai Equus Ultimate have made it to manufacturing bone-fide luxurious car, which can possibly compete with German and Japan’s cars.

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However, before giving Hyundai Equus Ultimate the first drive, most people will be questioning whether the car is equipped with advanced and powerful engine, and thus considered a good-valued car. For platform, Hyundai puts the stretched version of BH platform (rear wheel drive), which can also be found in Genesis sedan. Principally, the exterior of the Equus Ultimate is indeed stunning, due to its side profile’s modest looking, the grille and hood, bug-eyed HID headlamps, LED tail lamps. The interior is also very much attractively luxurious.


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