How to Choose the Best Middle Class Vehicle?

How to Choose the Best Middle Class Vehicle?

How to Choose the Best Middle Class Vehicle?

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Choosing a middle class vehicle is easier said than done because you need to look at elements that go beyond the ecstatic appeal of your new car. One of the major elements many people overlook is the car’s resale value. It goes without saying that some economy cars have a better resale value than others. Some cars tend to lose 50% of their value within the first year while others such as the Ford Fiesta may just lose 10% over the year. In this article we will look at three middle class vehicles that have great market resale, fuel economy, look good and most of all are under $20K.

The Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is our no.1 choice for various reasons, the biggest reason though is that it is a well rounded small car which offers buyers great driving dynamics, a good looking interior and great interior tech for its class. With a price tag of around $14K the Ford Fiesta is advertised as having a 29/40 mpg fuel economy for the city and highway which is pretty good for an economy model, plus you can pick this vehicle up in its hatchback state as well.


The Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is the perfect family car because it can take anything your family throws at it. The car has a great engine, good looking interior and handles like no other economy model in town. However, because this is a small car one of the compromises you’ll end up making is going to be in terms of space but this is not actually the case with the Honda Fit. The Fit has what we like to call a magic seat which lets you put anything from a small bike to a huge plant in your back seat, plus there is additional cargo space in the rear.

Probably one of the drawbacks of the 2012 Honda Fit is that the front seats are not height adjustable and so taller passengers who need more leg space will feel cramped. Some people have also said that the car struggles to get uphill and needs some extra power when on the highway. But overall this is a fuel efficient car with good resale value and costs around $15K.

honda fit

The 2012 Ford Focus

Our third economy choice for the year is the 2012 Ford Focus for numerous reasons. The first being is its low price tag of around $16K which may be slightly more expensive than the above two models but with this model you get a few extras for the higher price. The new model is available both as a hatchback and a sedan. The sedan has your basic audio system i.e. AM/FM radio, CD and MP3 player with auxiliary input jacks and also a small tilt and telescopic type steering wheel. You get four types of trim with the sedan: SEL, Titanium, SE and S. You also get a few more extra features with the hatchback model such as MyKey and like the sedan model comes in three trims i.e. Titanium, SEL and SE.



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