Honda’s Concept Cars In Tokyo

Honda’s Concept Cars In Tokyo

Honda’s Concept Cars In Tokyo

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Last month’s Tokyo Motor Show represented yet another major pull for fans of the motoring industry from around the world as well as those who simply can’t resist being among the first to know about the latest advances in car technology. The December 2011 show saw the top car manufacturers from countries around the world showing their wares in terms of concept cars. Car manufacturer Honda had two electric concepts as well as a plug-in hybrid concept.

The Advanced Cruiser eXperience – or AC-X for short – has a plug-in hybrid powertrain combining a 127 –hp 1.6 litre petrol engine with a 161-hp electric motor. In all-electric mode, the AC-X could travel at up to 62 mph for a range of 31 miles. It has two driving modes. Engine drive mode leaves the control to the driver with two twin-lever steering sticks, instead of a steering wheel. To turn the car, the driver just has to pull and push the steering sticks. The other mode is automatic, and in this mode the steering sticks disappear into the dashboard while the car goes into autopilot. Added to not having to steer the car, the seat reclines and also has an extendible leg rest for the ultimate in car relaxation.

Honda also introduced two exciting all-electric concept cars at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011: the Micro Commuter and the EV-ster.

The Micro Commuter is a tiny Smart Car-esque box that is powered by an electric motor and in its boot, there’s a little electric scooter for any post-parking travel that you might have left to do. It doesn’t have a steering wheel either; instead, the driver controls the car with two levers. There’s room for two passengers in the rear, while the driver sits up front.

The EV-ster is a nifty little all-electric sports car that has a maximum speed of 99 miles per hour and a range of around 99 miles. For fans of speed, it can reach 37 mph in only five seconds.  Since the Tokyo Show there have been rumours that the EV-ster is actually going to go into production with a gasoline version as well as, or instead of, the electric one.

All of the Honda concept cars were definitely more than a little removed from what can be seen as reality on the roads today, but they all have very tempting features of what we may soon see incorporated into tomorrow’s production cars, so start saving now!


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