Future of Rolls Royce Discussed with Company Chiefs

Future of Rolls Royce Discussed with Company Chiefs

Future of Rolls Royce Discussed with Company Chiefs

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CNET have has a discussion with the CEO of Rolls-Royce about the future of the company. The company have been going from strength to strength recently and their partnership with BMW has led to them developing a selection of new models including the Wraith last year after the Ghost in 2009 and Phantom in 2003.

CEO of the company, Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, Eric C Shepherd, North American Regional Director and Richard Carter the Director of Global Communications all talked with Wayne Cunningham from CNET to talk about the company’s future.

They started by discussing how they are appealing to younger buyers these days with their newer models. They admitted that in the past buyers were of an older generation but they have changed this by bringing out new models that have new gadgets that appeal to the younger generation and they bring some of that from BMW. They also said that as the Wraith got so much publicity with many people writing and talking about it and so much positive feedback, that helped it to appeal to more people. They explained that they are not bringing out loads of models though because they still feel that the exclusivity of the brand helps the appeal. The high cost also means that some people can only dream of Rolls Royce hire and would never be able to buy one. This means that people can still enjoy the cars on special occasions without having to buy one for themselves.

They had some discussion about fuel economy but explained that Rolls Royce drivers are not interested in fuel economy. They also enjoy the power of a V12 engine but like it to be as quiet as possible and so by putting in technology such as start-stop they would ruin this. However, they admitted that they feel in the future they will have to change their engine to something more efficient fuel wise because they feel there will be legislation forcing them to.

They then talk about the possibility of an SUV from Rolls-Royce as it is a question being asked of the company a lot. They say that many of their current customers do have a Range Rover and so they could consider making one but are not sure how well it will fit in with their brand. However, they admitted that the Wraith was something very different for them and they succeeded with it but if they do make an SUV it will have to be completely right and so it will take a lot of hard work to achieve that.


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