Ford Capri Review

Ford Capri Review

Ford Capri Review

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Not a vintage, but Ford Capri is definitely a classic car. With a long history of production behind it, the Ford Capri developed over a lot of design and engine modifications until the time when its production in UK finally ceased in 1986.

Ford Motor Company actually used the name of Ford Capri for three different models of their automobiles. The first model that was produced with this name in Britain – Ford Consul Capri coupé – remained largely unsuccessful.

Then Ford Capri coupé was the name given to the models that were being produced in Europe from 1969 till 1986. Ford Motor Company of Australia also produced a model that was sold by the name of Ford/Mercury Capri. This car was produced from 1989 till 1994. Ford Capri’s counterpart that was being produced in America, however was known as Ford Mustang.

Brief History of the Ford Capri

Ford Capri holds a special place in the car making history of the UK. Because of its innovative styling this muscle car became a cult classic. The Capri model became popular throughout UK and its accessories and spare parts were accessible with ease.

Ford Capri hit the market with a force, as it was advertised in quite a profitable manner in many of the top television series of that time. It was the car of the new generation – very trendy and carrying a sporty look. Its slogan also contributed in the aggressive advertising campaign – The Car You Promised Yourself.

Ford Capri is actually a remake of the earlier Ford Consul Capri 335 model. However because the car proved a failure on the streets, therefore its production was stopped. It was when its American sister, the Mustang, hit the market with a boom, that the inspiration to remake the Ford Capri came to UK.

The design had to be changed from the older model and a younger target market had been kept in mind. During the developmental stages, the car was going to be named ‘Colt.’ However because the trademark of this name had already been taken by Mitsubishi, therefore Ford Capri was decided. The name Capri was also decided because of its international connotations as it was going to be produced in both Germany and Britain simultaneously.

It is through these developmental stages that the D-shaped windows were evolved keeping in view the perspective of the passengers of the rear seat. This feature was to remain with Ford Capri for a long time.

Ford Capri was produced in Mk I, Mk II, and Mk III models and in all of them another feature that runs throughout is the long bonnet.

The Varying Engines of Ford Capri

The Ford Capri has also evolved with respect to its engines. Though not specifically produced for the Capri carriage, a variety of variations are still seen in both the Capri models of Germany as well as Britain. The models that were being produced in Germany had the V-configuration engines that either had four cylinders or six cylinders. Whereas the UK counterparts were built with four cylinders as well as with V4 units.

Ford gave powerful engines to the Capri model, one after the other. The first range that was produced in Dagenham had 1300 cc engines having other mechanical features that of Cortina and therefore this model was very affordable for many. After that the powerful variations include the Ford Capri 3000 GT and RS 2600. Later on Ford Capri evolved even more and an year later the audience witnessed RS3100.

Ford Capri Today

You might be able to find Ford Capri with some of the private sellers if you are interested. Because it is not produced anymore and has become a classic, one can expect its price to be anywhere from 3000 € to 6000 €.


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