Exciting New Cars For 2012

Exciting New Cars For 2012

Exciting New Cars For 2012

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There are a number of awesome new cars coming out in 2012. We’ve written a guide to a few of these shiny new vehicles, including the Toyota/Subaru FT-86, Volkswagen Golf R, Corvette C7, Mini Paceman, Hyundai Veloster, and ZL1 Camaro – just a few of the slick new automobiles to look out for over the coming year.

Toyota/Subaru FT-86

This car won’t be for sale until December 2012 but it will be worth the wait. The FT-86 is a joint project between Subaru and Toyota. There will likely be two different models with the Subaru having slightly more power than the Toyota. For example, you can expect 250 horsepower to come with the Subaru. Apparently the Toyata FT-86 will be released as a Scion. We’re not sure the exact details on this car but it is definitely one to look out for in 2012.

Volkswagen Golf R

All wheel drive? Check. 280 horsepower? Check. Six-speed gearbox? Check. Combine all that with an attractive VW body style and you’ve got the 2012 Volkswagen Golf R. Fuel efficiency is supposed to be significantly better than the former R32. It is going to cost about $30,000 for this vehicle but you’ll have the choice between a four-door and a two-door model.


Corvette C7

The new Corvette is going to cost a little more than the Golf R; they will be selling for around $50,000. Expect 400 to 450 horsepower and some new body styling. The car hasn’t changed much in the last 15 years but the new C7 has a split rear window and an upgraded interior. The new Corvette is lighter, faster, and is a great option if you’re in the market for a new sports car in 2012.

Mini Paceman

The Paceman is essentially a Mini Countrymen with with only two doors. It sounds like it is going to be a competitor to the Subaru WRX, which means expect some serious handling and horsepower. This car seems like an homage to the original Mini’s rally-car history.

Hyundai Veloster

If you like power and fuel economy then you’ll like the 2012 Hyundai Veloster. The car is lighter than some of its competitors, such as the Mini Cooper and Honda CR-Z. This helps with fuel efficiency. The Veloster is going to run you around $20,000, which is quite a bit cheaper than the other cars on the list. You’ll also have the choice between a six-speed manual and a dual-clutch six-speed transmission.


ZL1 Camaro

Another fast car coming out in 2012 is the ZL1 Camaro. The ZK1 will cost somewhere in the $45,000 range – for this 6.2-liter V8. The 426 horsepower in this Camaro can push you from 0-to-60-mph in about 5 seconds. The car is actually powered by a Cadillac CTS-V engine. Look out BMW and Porsche owners – the 2012 Camaro is a peppy car and it’s quite a bit cheaper than many of those models.

Those are just a few of the exciting new cars that will be for sale in 2012. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford a new car this coming year then good luck with your search; there are a lot of great cars to choose from.

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