Classifying The Top 10 American Cars

Classifying The Top 10 American Cars

Classifying The Top 10 American Cars

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Automobile industry has always seen an upward trend in the United States of America. Pioneered by the legendary Henry Ford, cars have always been given special priority by the people.  A selection of top American cars has been presented below.

Ford F-150

A variant of the ford truck series, it was brought into the market in late 1970’s. It has won the accolade of being the highest sold vehicle in the entire country for consecutive 24 years. An excellent security certificate has also been provided by National highway traffic safety administration. Salient feature of this vehicle is that it is versatile enough to be used for multiple purposes. As years advanced, Ford Company introduced many variations in the original model of American cars.

Some of them were

  1. Ford F-150 STX
  2. Ford F-150 regular truck
  3. Ford F-150 FX2 Supercrew

Chrysler 300

Introduced in the market in 2003, the car is known for extremely driver supportive functions. It is Available in both diesel and petrol modes. Advanced models of the original design have been promoted by the company. They are

  • SRT-8 – This is the most popular form of Chrysler 300. Some modifications such as the engine speed, air cleaning system, wheel and seat designs were done on the original model.
  • Touring – The enhanced version of the basic version. A four speed gear transmission system has been used. Capability for the addition of an audio system was also implemented. Leather seating arrangement and remote controlled entry are the other features.

Chevy Impala

Possessing quite a stylish name, the car first ran on the American roads in 1950’s. It was one of the Chevrolet’s best selling model’s in those times. The famous Caprice range was actually introduced under the Impala. Later on, after gaining much popularity caprice was declared as a separate series. Some of the designs incorporated by the company are

  • Impala hardtop coupe- Sporting a narrower roofline, it was the basic extension of the original model.
  • Impala convertible coupe- Everything from the speed transmission to the interiors of the car was renewed.
  • Impala sedan- The latest version. The basic model was reintroduced in the late 90’s as a moderately priced yet highly specialized sedan.

Nissan Altima

Classed as a high profile car with luxurious interiors, the car is synonymous with comfort. Features such as the remote controlled entry, climate control and flexible gear transmission were incorporated in the basic model.  It was brought into the American market back in 1993. Popular models of the car are

  • Nissan Altima SE- It is a compact car; designed with the sole intention of driver comfort in mind. Nice slick wheels, greater engine power and one piece headlamps are present as an extension to the original model.
  •  Nissan Altima coupe- Available in variable cylinder size, Coupe is a stylish model. It employs a 6 speed manual transmission.

Toyota Camry

Toyota has been renowned for producing really efficient car models. Present in the form of an elegant Sedan, it is a truly high class car. The lift door styles and stylish interiors have made it a popular choice amongst the American masses. Other features include a highly effective 6 speed transmission system and airbag safety.

Ford Escape

The car can be termed as a spacious SUV. It incorporates every feature of a stylish car. A special security feature called Immobilizer is implemented. No wonder, Escape has the lowest rate of thefts in its class. Apart from its advanced security, a powerful engine and highly efficient speed transmission system are also present.

Honda Civic

A car which has a burgeoning reputation worldwide, it is a highly rated model which is placed at a modest price. It also boasts of a competitive engine, excellent transmission system and additional features such as the satellite navigation and plastic trims.

Hyundai Sonata

The car is currently one of the highest sold American cars. It employs a general 5 speed transmission system. Comfortable and posh interiors coupled with a secure driving system make the car a highly sought after one.

Chevrolet Silverado

Though the sales have decreased in past few months, it still remains a widely sought out model. Classed as a truck which can survive on any terrain, it does live up to its reputation. Also security features such as the airbags, pressure monitoring system and anti-lock brakes.

Ford Fusion

It is a luxury sedan car, which has a reputation of being astonishingly comfortable. Standard features in every model include the anti-breaking system and tire pressure monitoring system. A general 5-speed transmission technology is used. The model has seen a recent spike in its sales.

The above classification of the top American cars is based upon various different factors. Also the categorization is based on recent data.

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