An Analysis of Toyota Prius’ 2011 Sales

An Analysis of Toyota Prius’ 2011 Sales

An Analysis of Toyota Prius’ 2011 Sales

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Toyota Motor Corporation stated that the sales of Toyota Prius would still beat the previous year’s sales. The sales of this hybrid have predicted to be ‘suffering’ from significant decrease, after the March earthquake. Prius’ sales had been underwent the lowest level on September 2004, and it is reported recently that Toyota is racing on supply replenishing; the automaker is currently on the lack of inventory, which led to the drop deliveries in the United States.

Precisely, the drop deliveries took place in June, and it has dropped about 61% from the previous months. As every automotive practitioner has learnt from the automaker’s data, almost half of Toyota Prius are delivered and sold in the United States. The automaker name Corolla and Camry as the top selling car, and then followed by Prius on the third position. Prius, however, is probably the automaker’s fastest-growing nameplate this year.

Especially after gasoline’s price has undergone significant increase, the demand for efficient car has also increased; and Toyota Prius is considered as one of the best efficient cars around. Besides Prius, Chevrolet Cruze and Ford Focus are also popular vehicles in this fuel crisis. An analyst from Ivan Drury said that dealers could not get their hands on them quick enough. About the sales of Toyota Prius, Toyota has previously announced that this year’s sales would possibly top the sales level on 2007.


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